Premier Website on The Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent

Charleston Real EstateThe advantages to working with a skilled local realtor are numerous, many of which you are probably not even aware of. Premier One uses their website to gain new clients that are searching for Charleston real estate, but if you are thinking that you want to try and go at this journey alone for whatever reason, the following information should at least show you all the advantages to working with a professional real estate agent.

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, your real estate agent is going to be the buffer for the deal. This can really be a huge advantage, especially if you do not have any negotiating skills. When the buyers want to come in low on an offer for your house, your realtor will shield you from the back and forth negotiating. The same if you are bidding on a house and want to get a deal without annoying the seller, your realtor utilizes years of negotiating to make the deal happen.

If you’ve never heard of the real estate rebate, then this is the time you should get informed. The real estate rebate is a piece of the realtor’s commission that is given to you simply for choosing to work with a specific realtor. Not all real estate agents offer these rebates, so be sure to inquire before you sign any papers, it could mean an additional $2,500 in your hands come closing.

When you try to buy a house on your own, locating and getting an offer in when it is a seller’s market can be a real challenge. A realtor can scour the multiple listing service early each morning and spot new listings long before you have access to them. In a market where offers are being accepted hours after listing, you need a skilled realtor on your side who can position you to be at the right place at the right time.

The real estate agent is going to be responsible for doing many of the things you have zero experience with. They will get you set up with a mortgage commitment, schedule home inspections, help with the walk through, schedule the closing, negotiate the final price, and cut the check for the real estate rebate.

Don’t forget the open house. If selling, your realtor is going to showcase your home in a way that will get maximum targeted and qualified traffic in the door to close a deal.

These are just some of the reasons you should be working alongside a skilled real estate agent instead of trying to navigate this difficult waters alone.